• none.

  • Nestable WaitCursor based on IDisposable.

Sample code:
  • Simple section of code guarded by a WaitCursor:
using (WaitCursor wc as new WaitCursor()) {
  //..your code
  • Because of the IDisplosable, the WaitCursor object automatically reverts back to the value it had at the start of the using statement. A nice effect of this method is that one can also use it nested like:
using (WaitCursor wc1 as new WaitCursor()) {
   //..your code

   using (WaitCursor wc2 as new WaitCursor()) {
     //..more of your code

   //..even more of your code
The inner using statement can also be localed in another method or even library without problems of a premature
reverting to a non waitcursor.

The IDisposable should also be Exception proof.

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