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Project Description
This is an umbrella project for some components and libraries I wrote in C#.

Some I've already used for years in Borland Delphi but did not find any suitable replacement for in C#. So I ported the Delphi code to C#.

As these projects are either components or libraries there is no installer. Just download the latest sourcecode.

If you have any suggestions for extending the functionality, start a discussion.

If you like one of these components/libraries, leave me a note or write a review.

No Name Description Download More
1 IniFile The IniFile class wraps inifiles with support for comments. For lightly encrypted storage in plain text the EncryptIt class is used. Download now More info
2 EncryptIt The EncryptIt class implements simple reversible encryption. Download now More info
3 WaitCursor A simple but effective WaitCursor class based on IDisposable. Download now More info
4 Storage A wrapper around the Win32 OleDocument/Compound Document Api with transaction support. Download now More info
5 Data Based on generics, this class that can is made for storing measurements. It can hold two classes, one for the general setup another for the data of each measurement. The Data class handles saving to and loading from either IniFile or Storage class. Download now More info
6 InputDialog A simple dialog to enter values. Download now More info
7 TranslationDlg A dialog that allows end-users to translate an application and change its language. Download now More info
8 SparseMatrix A class implementing Sparse Matrices for a generic datatype and some Sparse Matrix operations. NOTE: The matrix operations are specifically designer for use in the Latent Semantic Analysis project. Download now More info
9 Profiling A class implementing simple instrumented Profiling with a minumum of effort. Download now More info


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